No other words cannot describe the jewelry designs of Marcin Wesolowski more accurately.

What makes his jewelry so unique? His dedication to quality and detail in his designs are partly responsible, but the real answer lies in his approach.

Combining a disciplined use of precious metals, a simplicity of detail, and a subtlety of forms, Marcin’s creations are destined to become classics. ”Less is more”, he says. He believes that jewelry should be luxurious, have depth and sensuality. His creations capture a unique balance between timelessness and modernity.


Marcin Wesolowski did not have a conventional education in jewelry design. He is a gifted craftsman with a passion for jewelry. In the early 1990s he worked for a number of renown jewelry companies before opening his own design studio in Gdansk, Poland, in 1999.

He is one of few jewelry designers who not only design their creations, but are also skilled in hand-crafting, using traditional tools, techniques and the highest-quality materials.

Marcin is an established jewellery maker, certified by International Amber Association.

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Marcin Wesolowski loves to create beautiful jewelry, items that women will wear anytime, anywhere. Marcin's designs have simple and clean lines. His elegant and timeless creations add a radiance to the modern woman's lifestyle.

The superior quality of his contemporary classic designs has gained him distinguished clients. His work can be seen in jewelry stores, department stores and galleries internationally.

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