Amber has been fascinating and enchanting people, as well as putting them in a reflective mood, for hundreds of years.

Work with the material releases the deepest layers of one’s aesthetic sensitivity, as genuinely manifested in our products. Their artistic expression is a tribute we pay to the “Polish gold”, as the Baltic amber is referred to all over the world.

Our designs answer the needs of those jewellery-lovers, who value the timelessness of beautiful forms. Jewellery with amber makes its owners feel strongly that they actually own a pleasant piece of history. What is more, it is accessible to anyone valuing the vision, care for details, and sensitivity of our designs.

Colour palette: Cognac

Colour palette: Milky

Colour palette: Lemon

Colour palette: Cherry

Colour palette: Nature

What is exceptional about amber is its truly coquettish ability to allow light to pass through it regardless of season or latitude. When watching the process, one may easily yield to the magic of the moment, which deepens the mutual admiration between amber and its lovers. Watching air bubbles and plant or insect remains locked up in amber stirs emotions as well.

The weight, shape, colour and all the other properties of the piece determine its further use. We are passionate about creating designs which subtly underline the undeniable beauty and uniqueness of the material, which always strongly accentuates its presence in a piece of jewellery – whether it is accompanied by gold, or silver.

Our jewellery with amber is a bridge delicately spanning the secrets of the past with the winds of the future we are creating today with our Customers.

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