NAC Amber Jewellery is created especially for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of classic forms. Our designs are easily distinguished thanks to the unique combination of simple, clean lines and natural, raw beauty of amber stones.

Raw materials are selected very carefully; then the pieces are designed, creating forms which are surprising, subtle and very sensual at the same time. We are proud to present a few of the many designs we have in our product range. Each design emphasises the beauty and uniqueness of the amber stones. We help the natural, mysterious beauty of amber to emerge to the surface.


This watch is a true tribute to the classic beautiful old pocket watches. The form is simple but timeless form, decorated only with a lustrous amber stone. Classic design to be enjoyed by many generations. Beautiful forms from the past rediscovered. We want to share them with you.


This ring is an astonishing result of precise jewellery production techniques. The stones are perfectly embedded, the welding unnoticeable, the materials of the highest quality. Each metal surface has been perfectly polished. All these factors make this beautiful ring to become the essence of the most impressive jewellery craftsmanship.

New York

This New York collection ring is a timeless, classic design. Its beautiful shape, Swarovski stones and lace detail ensure that it means chic and elegance. It is also slightly lenticular, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

New York Master set

This beautiful necklace and bracelet set is made of amber beads. Amber makes the jewellery feel light; delicate ornaments made of this precious material add to the project's uniqueness. Magnetic clasp of the bracelet, a very special little detail, makes it also very comfortable to use.


This unique a bracelet, thanks to its modern form, showcases the beauty of amber stones. It is richly decorated with hand-embedded Swarovski stones, which adds to its glamour and elegance.

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